And you’re already playing. But it’s time to become a winner. Our audit is a perfect set of cheat codes.

Your Inbound Transformation, Defined.

Your lead-to-customer process is about to become a whole lot simpler.

Find the Gaps

Are you struggling with lead handoff? Qualification? Sales enablement? This audit will help you find out.

Improve Marketing and Sales Communication

Foster stronger communication across teams by developing clearer rules of engagement.

Predict the Future

With aligned teams backing the inbound process, pipeline and revenue forecasting becomes much more reliable.

What Does an Audit Include?

On-site Workshop

Our Marketing and Sales Ops and Growth Strategists will perform interviews with key team members at your location to gain a full understanding of the marketing and sales process within your organization.

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Communications and Definitions

We’ll review your Service-Level Agreements, team structure, lifecycle stage definitions and qualification criteria, and discover whether or not your teams are aligned around these definitions.

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Full Report and Recommendation

Our team provides a full report with our recommendations for alignment between your sales and marketing departments, including ideas about lead handoff, definitions, and qualification.

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