Hone is a Texas SEO Company that provides custom local SEO services, including local SEO consulting and managed local SEO campaigns for mid-level businesses.

Having implemented local SEO campaigns for a variety of local businesses across different industries, we have the tools and know-how to hone your website’s reach in local search.

We help businesses achieve better SERP positioning for their websites while improving their website’s local keyword visibility and traffic quality. With Hone’s local SEO services, we help you obtain higher quality local search traffic that lasts.


Professional Local SEO Services That Can Help You:

  • Optimize your page content, metadata, and images for local search
  • Structure internal links to transfer local relevance to the right pages
  • Boost the number of quality local business citations and links to your website
  • Improve search engine crawl rates, crawl link flow, and page indexing efficiency
  • Discover opportunities to appear in Google search results for more keywords
  • Fix technical on-site SEO errors that may be dampening local rank ability
  • Add local structured data markup to give Google local site information
  • Better align content with customer questions, interests, and intent


There are over 2.3 million Google searches per second,
around 2 trillion searches annually,
and over 100 billion searches monthly.


Local SEO is a crucial marketing investment for many businesses now, due to the sheer number of users searching for businesses that are nearby. Local SEO can help you get found by all these buyer-ready searchers.


Custom SEO for Each Location

Our local SEO services help widen the reach of your website content locally. Whether you need Lubbock or Dallas SEO experts, we help you improve your local ranking opportunities by building relevant local citations for your business across a variety of high-quality websites. Long-term, building link connections and descriptive content about your business on a variety of sites does wonders for improving local keyword rankings.


Whether you have one or multiple locations, performing SEO for each location is crucial to achieving the best possible local search visibility and traffic.


Additional Benefits from a Local SEO Campaign:

  • Amplify your brand’s local online visibility
  • Create local lead opportunities through location-based content
  • Improve content comprehensiveness with local searchers
  • Provide data regarding local keyword rankings
  • Give you insight about your local website visitors


Local SEO Strategy

In our competitive online marketing world, custom local SEO campaigns are the way to go for better results. No two campaigns should be the same, as no two businesses are the same. Depending on your location, industry, services, size of the website, type of content, link count, and other factors, results-driven local SEO strategies can vary quite a bit.

Businesses are also at different stages of their online marketing efforts. Some local campaigns require heavier on-page SEO updates, while others require more off-page SEO work to increase local search rankings and visibility most effectively.

With strategic use of the best local SEO & competitor analysis tools on the market, we hone in on fixing technical website errors, HTML elements, metadata, content comprehensiveness, and link-architecture between pages. This is a powerful combination of enhancements to achieve better local search visibility. Ultimately, we drive results through a hybrid of local on-page and off-page optimization efforts.


Local SEO Experts

At Hone, we work with business owners, CMOs, and reputable partners in a wide range of industries in the United States. Our advanced local on-page SEO and local off-page SEO techniques have been successfully used to improve local rankings no matter the industry.

The SEO techniques used at Hone combine valuable keyword & competitor research with hand-crafted, local SEO optimized content updates.

We offer professional local SEO services for North Texas businesses that are made to enhance your website’s content, better align your content with buyer-ready searchers, and increase the number of quality search phrases that your site pages get found for.


Interested in a free consultation? We’d love to send you a local SEO audit to uncover opportunities and learn about your website marketing goals. If this sounds good, schedule your consult today!