Our solutions work on your entire marketing and sales funnels


All web traffic is not the same. Our inbound marketing strategies focus on generating the right attention and traffic to your website through relevant and targeted content, search engine optimization, advertisement, or any strategy which is cost effective and would prove to be effective  By leveraging blogging ( or any content creation), content distribution, social media promotion, and persona-driven keywords, we help you attract the type of traffic that turns into leads.


Your company’s success relies on understanding who your ideal customer is and what challenges they face. With clearly defined buyer personas and key messages, we can effectively use marketing and sales techniques to move them through the funnel. We’re not just helping you close more customers, we’re helping you create loyal and passionate customers who will continue to buy from you, help you grow, and become your champions.


In order to close on the customers that will grow your business, it’s essential that your marketing and sales teams are aligned. Marketing focuses on building email nurturing workflows that further qualify those prospects so that sales can more effectively move them through the funnel and create an inbound buying experience that delivers happy customers. Using an inbound strategy gives you tons of leverage to close a higher percentage of the customers you want.


By developing a strong and lasting relationship with your customers, they become your most loyal, fans and biggest promoters. Inbound marketing closes the circle, by using engagement strategies designed to position your business as a resource for your customers, you can get them excited about your offerings and keep them coming back for more. Not to mention tell their friends about you!

Why we use the Inbound Strategy

The power of Inbound Marketing has to stem from the amount of leverage built, data delivered, full circle marketing to sales tracking, and delight delivered to your customers. The Inbound Marketing method is proven to deliver far higher Return on Investments than traditional marketing methods – Beyond that Inbound can be used to integrate with your traditional marketing to nurture and increase conversion rates across all facets.

How we use the Inbound Strategy

Using the Inbound method, Hone can tailor its service to fit your needs. Although we primarily use digital marketing techniques, we always consider the best options when it comes to cost vs benefit, your market, competition, as well as modern effective techniques. We pride ourselves on being early when it comes to utilizing new and relevant techniques to push your business quickly into innovative ways to attack your market.

What we do to Accomplish the Inbound Method

Hone largely uses Buyer persona development, Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Blogging and content creation, Link building/ Off-page SEO, Social media ads, PPC management, campaign creation and management, individual content/ offer creation, landing page creation, CTA and Conversion path building, email marketing, lead nurturing and automation, CRM implementation, monthly ROI reporting, and quarterly check-ins with analytics.