US Citrus Triples Traffic with 700% Increase in Sales

Achieved a 300% increase in organic Google Search traffic and a massive increase in product sales.


US Citrus


US Citrus is a leading citrus grove and the top online seller of the most popular and exotic citrus trees and citrus fruit. The company creates the world’s fastest growing citrus trees all-naturally via micro-budding.

Game Plan

The marketing director at US Citrus was interested in an SEO plan to improve Google Search positioning of their website and improved sales conversions for their citrus products. He reached out to us looking for an effective long-term solution to support selling more product.

Through auditing existing Google rankings, we discovered a large number of broad and long-tail keyword opportunities to improve upon. For instance, many product listing pages were ranking on page 2 for many valuable, active volume terms, including “for sale” terms.

We proposed a mix of on-page copy updates and link improvements, combined with a consistent building up of business information and links across authoritative websites and local directories.


With our current SEO plan for US Citrus, we are continually striving for an increase in 1st-page rankings, an increase in page click-through rates for existing page 1 search results, and higher product sales counts. While there’s plenty of broad, more competitive terms to tackle longer-term, the results so far have been quite astounding.


With the KPIs being improvements in 1). Search visibility 2). Search traffic 3.) Products sold, here’s the approach we chose for this case, to start driving more citrus tree sales as soon as possible:

  • Audit the website for any technical SEO issues and misconfigurations
  • Add product and image Schema markup to provide more info context to Google
  • Research keyword positioning and research new phrases to target
  • Optimize search titles, meta descriptions, headers, subheaders, image tags
  • Adjust/test web copy over time based on rankings and conversion rate data
  • Optimize internal linking between pages and product listings
  • Research competitors backlink profiles and build quality links over time
  • Improve call-to-action use across pages of content where possible
  • Improve comprehensiveness of product listing pages vs competing pages


In a short 2 months, we were able to achieve a solid increase in page 1 ranking visibility for longer-tail, yet active “buyer-ready” terms like “kaffir lime tree for sale” (currently generating about 60 clicks a month) and many “Meyer lemon” terms generating around 10-20 clicks each per month, resulting in a large click increase overall directed to the product listing page. At the start of the SEO plan, these pages were not yet generating consistent clicks from these valuable terms.

A 300% Increase in Google Organic Traffic!

Now, US Citrus is in the range of 900-1000 clicks per month, compared to 250-300 when we began SEO efforts. Here’s a glimpse of the click and impression trend for the last 6 months:

US Citrus SEO Google Traffic

This is about 300% increase in high-quality Google Search traffic from when we began SEO efforts in the fall of 2017!

As a result, their sales of citrus trees and fruit have risen from around $300/mo to $900/mo through the initial 6 months of SEO efforts, and with the implementation of a hybrid SEO + AdWords PPC campaign, are now doing sales in the range below:

A 700% Increase in Product Sales!

An over 700% increase in sales through combining SEO and PPC efforts. Not bad!

US Citrus Sales March 2018Testimonial

“Excellent SEO company, they are really helping our small business, US Citrus, greatly. Very good value per dollar spent, with a personal touch with their customer support and project management.“ – Ron S.

Moving Forward

As search engines, site visitor behavior, industries, and competition evolve each year, SEO is one component to a company’s marketing that’s truly never finished. Results tend to improve with continuing effort and time.

We plan on continuing monthly cycles through the above SEO strategy steps performed, adapting strategy to changes in Google’s search algorithms.

Our continued combination of on-site and off-site SEO methods will provide US Citrus with fresh new link connections and careful, researched copy enhancements. This SEO support will continue to help the company maintain and strengthen their positioning in Google Search and ultimately sell more citrus. With continued efforts in SEO, PPC, and blog content, US Citrus will maintain and improve upon its status as the top online seller in exotic, fast-growing citrus trees and fruit.

Strategic Partnerships

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