Precision Irrigation Systems Triples Leads

Achieved a 300% increase in form leads and over a 70% increase in Dallas web traffic.


Precision Irrigation Systems


Precision Irrigation Systems is a leading irrigation systems company in Dallas, TX. The company provides irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, lawn drainage systems, and landscape lighting for residential and commercial projects.

Game Plan

The team at Precision Irrigation reached out to us looking for an effective long-term solution to generate more quality leads online. While they have worked with a Search Engine Optimization company before, we saw some valuable opportunities yet to be capitalized on in terms of on-site copy, link building, Google rankings, conversion points, automation, and pipeline strategy. As a result of our research, we proposed investing in a new SEO game plan.


With our SEO solutions, we strive for an increase in preferential 1st-page rankings with the purpose of improving website conversions that lead to higher quality website interactions, form fills, and sales calls. While Precision Irrigation Systems had a head start in terms of collecting reviews online, a website with some existing SEO optimization, and about 20 blog posts, rankings and lead generation were not up to par.


With the KPIs being improvements in 1). Search visibility 2). Search traffic 3.) Leads generated, here’s the approach we chose for this case, to start driving Google traffic as soon as possible:

  • Audit the website for any technical SEO issues and misconfigurations
  • Add missing Schema markup to provide more information context to Google
  • Improve website speed where possible (an important factor in 2018)
  • Research current keyword positioning and research new phrases to target
  • Optimize search titles, meta descriptions, headers, subheaders, image tags
  • Adjust/test web copy over time based on rankings and conversion rate data
  • Optimize internal linking between pages and navigation structure
  • Research competitors backlink profiles and build quality links over time
  • Consult on collecting more reviews and displaying reviews to prospective leads
  • Test font, size, color, layout adjustments on website pages to improve conversions
  • Re-use strong pieces of content across pages where it makes sense
  • Add more detailed forms to more pages for increased opt-in opportunities
  • Improve comprehensiveness of home page, about page, service pages, and blog posts
  • And other Conversion related tests used to deliver more high quality leads to the sales team.


In about 3 months, we were able to achieve better 1st-page positioning in Google for active local service phrases like “french drains dallas”, “drip irrigation dallas”, sprinkler systems dallas”, resulting in more high quality leads for their team. (Keep in mind, SEO generally requires 6-12 months of invested effort for brand new sites to see meaningful results due to existing competition, resources required, and age-related rank factors.)

A 300% Increase in Form Leads!

So far, for March 2018, compared to March of last year, we helped increase quality form leads from a previous ~10 to ~30, a 300% increase, and they keep on rolling in:

seo leads

An 80% Increase in Dallas Traffic!

backed by major increases in quality Dallas traffic (vs prev quarter) from Google:
(and some nice bonus nearby city traffic even though we were focused on Dallas!)

dallas web traffic results


“These guys really know their stuff. My phone is finally ringing with quality leads. Very competitive pricing and different packages at different price points to match your needs.“ – Charles H.

Moving Forward

As search engines, site visitor behavior, industries, and competition evolve each year, SEO is one component of a company’s marketing that’s truly never finished. Results tend to improve with continuing effort and time.

While there are additional forms of inbound marketing the company could be utilizing, for Precision Irrigation System’s plan and price point, we plan on continuing monthly cycles through the above SEO strategy steps performed, adapting strategy to changes in Google’s search algorithms.

Our continued combination of on-site and off-site SEO methods will provide Precision Irrigation Systems with fresh conversion-driven site copy enhancements and new link connections that will continue to help them maintain and strengthen their positioning in Google Search.

Strategic Partnerships

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