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We’ll provide your marketing and sales leadership with actionable insights and strategies to accelerate your revenue growth and help you sustain your competitive edge.

Marketing Professional

Marketing to just grow traffic and generate leads is dead. The modern marketer today needs to be focused on generating pipeline and teaming up with sales to win more deals.

Sales Professional

We believe that to win more deals, drive more revenue and accelerate growth, sales and marketing must become truly unified. We call this a revenue team.

Revenue Operations

Turn your marketing automation and CRM data into actionable insights. We deliver the technical infrastructure and process changes needed to get full-funnel visibility.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a user-centric approach to online marketing. Inbound-based solutions aim to draw higher quality visitors and potential customers to and through your website.

Examples of inbound marketing solutions include search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing as part of the sales funnel.

At Hone, we help organizational leaders hit more of their marketing and sales goals with a strategic blend of inbound marketing solutions and software.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is often disliked and intrusive to potential customers. With outbound marketing, you are actively attempting to initiate a conversation with an audience in what are often non-welcoming and untimely locations for your potential customers.

Many of these methods are costly and for the offline methods difficult to measure. Example outbound activities include paid TV ads, cold mass emails, telemarketing, direct mail, intrusive banner ads on websites, and those darn mall kiosks.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing engages potential customers where they’re found online and does so on their terms. In utilizing the right inbound channels and tactics, potential customers are more likely to satisfy their intent by interacting with your company.

As a result, more users take interest in your website and brand, find you in Google, opt into your email list, share your content, and purchase more of your products or services. With inbound, you’re only selling to users when they’re ready to be sold to.

The name of the game is attention.

Turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business with the Inbound Methodology.

A Honed Sales Funnel

Marketing and Sales Funnel Stages

Optimizing your sales funnel, or customer acquisition funnel is crucial to successful inbound marketing.

Hone can help you improve every point of your inbound marketing and sales funnel, remove blockage points, and improve conversion rates.

Get above-average rates for your targeted audience, locations, and industry.

Benefits of Inbound

Inbound marketing provides the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

We follow the inbound marketing methodology that consists of 4 important stages.

These stages steer your potential customers in the direction to become customers and promote your company.


Search engines like Google account for 89% of consumers who are making purchase decisions. Even better, the 89% bumps up to 94% for B2B related sales. Optimizing for search is an important part of inbound in 2018, a vital part of the attract stage, and supports many other aspects of an inbound marketing campaign. Generally, creating content aligned with researched keyword data, consistent blogging, social media publishing, and other content syndication methods are all a part of honing the attract stage of your inbound campaign.

Example solutions: Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Contextual PPC, Google AdWords


Similarly, once the attract and convert stages have been aligned, the closing stage allows your sales team to work more effectively and close more deals. With an easy-to-use, productive, and data-driven CRM portal that combines other critical inbound activities like content management and email automation, your company will start hitting more of its marketing and sales goals. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

Example solutions: Email, List Segmenting, Workflows, Lead Scoring, CRM integrations


With the right inbound system in place fueled by well-aligned, optimized and engaging content, the conversion stage of inbound marketing becomes easier for your company as you begin attracting more of the right potential customers. Researched, strategic content marketing generates 3x as many leads as traditional marketing, but costs 62% less! Website and content asset architecture and continual testing also play key roles in increasing your conversion rates.

Example solutions: Calls-to-Action (CTA), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO),  Contact Research and Data Analysis


The process doesn’t end at close! With today’s importance on online brand management, including online reputation, reviews, digital shares/referrals, and other information freely available to your next potential customer, you’ll need strategies in place. Strategies to build and sustain a strong, positive online image for your potential customers, and strategies for delighting your current customers. Get this, 89% of consumers have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

Example solutions: Social Media, Smart Calls-to-Action (CTA), Email, Workflows

The Inbound Strategy

Inbound Strategy

As a consumer and a business, there are things we do not know that come up all the time! Although occasionally we ask a peer, it is starting to get way easier to just look the information up.

Starting any venture, you can Google information to get started, where to open a business bank account, and other information on software, legal issues, sales, and marketing strategies, etc… we look for information!

Which we call Content.

Content is amazingly powerful! It lets you provide information to your ideal customers and build brand value – because it is based on what they are searching for, It lets you insert yourself as the authority in your industry. Media is great because once you create it and distribute it, you can see how effective it is – not only that, but content marketing is cumulative, unlike paid media which you have a spend for a certain reach.

Take a radio or TV ads for example (say that you know – if you spend $25,000 on TV and radio commercials it gets you 9 leads per commercial and about 6 sales opportunities, then you close on average $1,150,000 from those opportunities.

Content Marketing Lead Generation Graph

Equally, If you would like to increase your outcome from TV commercials, say you want to double the money you make, reasonably, you would need to spend double – following the logic above, spending $50,000 will get you the reach for about 18 leads, 12 sales opportunities, and then you will most likely close on average $2,300,000)

Now, looking at content marketing, spending that $25,000 on a consistent basis develops a lead generation system – putting you in control of the leads generated, this system is measurable and scientific in nature, that is how it is cumulative, you pay for a growth rate, not a static result – this means content marketing can grow with you, and becomes more cost-effective over time, generating more leads for a lower price.

Paired with Call to actions, landing pages, and forms you can effectively capture interested visitors information. It is possible to create an automated seamless process that creates a memorable experience which the consumers enjoy.

Our Strategy

Content Marketing is Cumulative

Consider this: 1 piece of well-optimized, aligned and engaging content could bring you 1 to 10,000+ visitors per month. Let’s give this a constant value to make the math simple. Let’s say each piece of content generates 10 visitors per month. Then, 10% of those visitors become leads, which subsequently 10% become customers. So, with these conversion rates, you can expect around 3,600 visitors/month to result in 36 new customers per month.

Not sure if people are searching for products or services online? Or unsure if anyone would reach out after engaging with your content?

Get in contact with us! We can help you form a content strategy that’s optimized for both potential customers, search visibility, and shareability.

Where We Hone

Conversion optimization


The attraction aspect. Getting you more quality potential customers to your website through the most effective inbound channels.
inbound lead generation

Your Audience

Visitor to Lead Capture %. By increasing how many visitors become leads, your lead generation rate improves.
inbound marketing solutions


Leads to Close %; Optimizing your website sales funnels and lead nurturing efforts. We can effectively bump up closed won numbers.
Inbound marketing goals


Customer Retention and Promotion #s. Utilizing helpful content, inbound channels, customer reviews and more. Improving your potential and existing customer reputation.

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Why being found is important

Inbound Marketing Billboard

It is the same as if you had a billboard facing a forest rather than facing a city intersection or highway.

If you have a website, you are looking for potential customers online. Your website is a powerful, investable asset and tool, and will only become more important moving into 2018. If your site is currently not performing, you probably have an inbound visibility problem!

We can help you achieve more of your inbound marketing goals. Tracking and hyper-targeting capabilities allow us to judge the true efficiency of your spend. Imagine knowing exactly what parts of your TV commercials were making you money. Now, imagine you knew what was not making you money in those commercials. In regards to the digital space, we can see it ALL through the smart use of inbound analytics tools.

Combined with experience, we hone your inbound systems by incorporating this inbound data to get more of the right action items completed, and better drive campaign results aimed at achieving your sales and marketing goals.

The Inbound Growth Stack

Hone Marketing Strategy

Goals are set inside of HubSpot, creating an environment where marketing and sales can truly work together. The HubSpot CMS is wonderful for storing contact info, creating content assets, blog posts, landing pages, email automation campaigns, email segmentation, reporting and analytics, and much more!

Our mix of software integrates quickly and easily into any marketing and sales system. Among other software, we are a HubSpot preferred partner. HubSpot is a software IPO which provides, in our opinion, the best CRM and CMS for unifying and marketing and sales efforts in a seamless and productive way. We integrate our clients into HubSpot for access to shared reporting dashboards and features – Simple, effective visibility into reaching your goals.

Growth Stack

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Hone has experience working with Billion Dollar organizations to Mom and Pop shops. Our Marketing and Sales specialists have 10+ years experience running digital and inbound marketing campaigns. Whether you are a local business, an international company, or eCommerce – Hone can build you a custom solution that will perform for you and your company.

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