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Why HONE Starts With the Inbound Method?

Inbound marketing is a user-centric approach to online marketing. Inbound-based solutions aim to draw higher quality visitors and potential customers to and through your website.

Examples of inbound marketing solutions include SEOblog postssocial media marketingcertain types paid ads, and email marketing as part of your sales funnel.

At HONE, we help organizational leaders hit more of their sales goals with the right blend of inbound marketing solutions and our growth stack softwares.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

HONE your Sales Funnel

Marketing and Sales Funnel Stages

Optimizing your sales funnel, or customer acquisition model is crucial to successful marketing to sales strategy.

HONE improves every point of your sales funnel, remove blockage points, and improve conversion rates.

Get above-average rates for your targeted audience, locations, and industry. Lower the cost to acquire customers by using tons of user data, smart pixels, and a conversion rate optimization viewpoint to HONE in on your revenue streams.

The name of the game is attention.

Inbound Marketing is simply the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

Where We HONE

Conversion optimization


The attraction aspect. Getting you more quality potential customers to your website through the most effective inbound channels.
inbound lead generation

Your Audience

Visitor to Lead Capture %. By increasing how many visitors become leads, your lead generation rate improves.
inbound marketing solutions


Leads to Close %; Optimizing your website sales funnels and lead nurturing efforts. We can effectively bump up closed won numbers.
Inbound marketing goals


Customer Retention and Promotion #s. Utilizing helpful content, inbound channels, customer reviews and more. Improving your potential and existing customer reputation.

Our Proven Growth Stack

Hone Marketing Strategy

We Start by attracting strangers, leading them to opt-in locations, organizing contacts for sales teams, enabling sales, analyzing revenue streams, and retargeting emails/ads.

Goals are set to create an environment where marketing and sales can truly hand-off. 

Our mix of software integrates quickly and easily into any marketing and sales system. We integrate our clients into software for access to dashboards and shared reporting, among other features – Simple, effective visibility into reaching your goals.

Some Companies We’ve Helped

Irrigation & Sprinklers - Precision Irrigation Systems
Demolition Contractor Columbus OH - Creative Destruction
Foundation Repair Waco TX - IC Services
Hoof Trimming Chutes & Training - Riley Built
High Pressure Air Compressors - Max-Air
Peterbilt Truck Dealership - Montana Peterbilt
Lubbock Realtors & Real Estate - West Texas Realtors
Citrus Trees & Fruit - US Citrus

Need a Certified, Experienced Partner?

HONE has experience working with Billion Dollar organizations to Mom and Pop shops. Our Marketing and Sales specialists have 10+ years experience running digital and inbound marketing campaigns.

Whether you are a local business, an international company, or eCommerce – HONE can build you a custom solution that will perform for you and your company.

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